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I have a compaq with a SATA HDD C: drive, a DVD rom also on SATA, and a 2nd HDD on PATA. I bought a 2TB WD SATA HDD to replace the HDD I had on PATA. I only have 2 SATA spots in my computer so I removed the DVD drive and connected the new SATA HDD I bought and removed the PATA HDD. My computer lists the new drive but I cannot format the new drive. On quick format, it says windows cannot format the drive, check the connections which I did. On normal format mode, the format takes about 3 hours and gets stuck just past 50% and stays like that forever. I don't want to reinstall windows because its a pain and I dont have the CD, my compaq came preloaded with windows XP and they did not provide OS CD. Can someone please help?
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  1. Does your Compaq motherboard and BIOS support drives that large? Since you are talking about IDE drives and Windows XP, it makes me wonder if the machine is capable of supporting the new drive you bought.
  2. Sorry, I meant to say Windows VISTA not XP. my mistake.

    I tried partitioning the drive to 1TB and that partitiion seems to have worked. Anything over that and it would not format it.

    I downloaded EASUS partition manager and it seems to have worked, although I am worried that once I fill up my drive over 1 TB, the files will be corrupted.

    I read to update my Nvidia Nforce chip drivers. I have an Nvidia 430 chip (MCP61), but cannot located anything on the Nvidia website for this chip, and their driver update tool of course is broken?..
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