Strange Video Output w/ Memory Dump

Hello all,
Recently when my computer starts up, I get very strange video output.
It looks similar to what it should be, but it has red vertical streaks, or fuzzy gray blocks of color.
Then, when it loads Windows and after I log in, I normally get a BSOD that very quickly dumps
my physical memory and then shuts down (immediately turns off).
If, while it is booting, I restart multiple times until the video errors do no appear during boot, the
system seems fine, loads Windows and has no BSOD.
I have asked a couple of friends and the only suggestions from them are that I have a virus, or
my video card has turned for the worse. System Specs are to follow:

i5-750 CPU
P7P55D-E Pro Mobo (not the usb3 version)
8 GB OCZ Gold 1.65V CL7 1333 Mhz DDR3 Ram
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB HDD
CM 690 II Advanced Chassis
700W OCZ somethingXStream PSU

I am not currently at my computer, but will check this forum when I get home.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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  1. If it's doing that even during before windows even starts at all then it's definitely hardware trouble of some kind.
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    Definately hardware related.Borrow another 4890 and try it out,if the problem persists then I would say it's a power supply issue.However,if it stops then just RMA your video card as that will most likely be the issue.Goodluck.If PSU issue,make sure you get a good quality name one like THERMALTAKE,or CORSAIR around the 850watt mark with 56-72 amps on the 12volt rail(s).

  3. Thanks for the advice, guys!
    I borrowed a friend's 5770 and things seemed to be fine, although I do realize it draws much
    less power than a 4890, so i figure it could still be the card, or the PSU.
    If I can get my hands on another 4890 I will, but most likely I will try to RMA my card first.
    I will update this thread as they warrant.

    So I'm fairly certain its my 4890. I'm thinking of getting a new card and giving this card to my brother for his birthday.
    since he really badly needs a new card and because I recently got a bonus at work)

    Therefore, I am asking for input from any and all on what card I should get based on the above system.
    In terms of budget I have $600 maximum and would prefer ATI over Nvidia, though I am not adverse to being
    convinced otherwise. These $600 are Canadian (cause I live in Canada) and will be purchased from a local store.
    (This store's prices are better than and ncix, but you can use those as reference places)

    Thanks again for the help!

    Er, just gonna make a new topic then.
    Will assign a best answer.
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  5. Here's the thing, the HD 5830 is only about the same raw performance wise as what you have now. So to get something better you'd have to get an HD 5850 or 5870.
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