Where can I buy a jumper for a WD HDD

I need a jumper for my WD HDD, for connecting pins 5 & 6. Where can I purchase this?
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  1. Thanks. The product information for this calls these jumper caps, but dives no detail of what they are... Do you know if they have the jumper pin connectors also?
  2. Yes, the technical name is jumper cap and they are pin connectors.
  3. This computer no-nothing neophyte thanks you so VERY much...;)
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    No problem. Sucks that you have to buy 100 when you only need 1.
  5. In spite of the WD tech rep telling me it was needed, and probably would not work anyway, A different tech was reviewing the issue, and called me back just as I was about to box it for return... As it turns out, the new tech walked me through setting BIOS to add the port, and the jumper was NOT needed...;-)
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