Down arrow key broken

The down arrow key has a white color clip under the key, that clip has broken so the key isn't typing anything. What can i do?
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  1. Hello tech_princess;
    Is this a laptop or desktop keyboard?
    You can probably order a replacement clip online: Replacement Laptop Keys
    It might be less expensive to see if you have a local recycle depot or local repair shop and ask them if they have any Key Retainer Clips.
    Key Retainer Clip = The retainer clip or hinge pieces that hold the laptop key cap to the base of the keyboard.
  2. Don’t know abt others, I got help from
  3. the white clip is called the retainer clip, it breaks pretty easy if you play games :p you can buy new laptop keys and its pretty cheap, take a look at, and you will be back to normal in no time :)
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