Is a nvidia 9400M better than the 9600 series?

is a nvidia 9400M better than the 9600 series?

I'm looking to play Final Fantasy XIV, and I'm worried my macbook cannot handle it.
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  1. Nope. The 9600 series is way better. The 9600 was a good gaming card, and the 9400 is a step above integrated graphics.
  2. Hello jcmathis;
    You're right to be worried.
    Passmark GPU benchmarks scores:
    GeForce 9400M = 136
    GeForce 9600 GT = 928
  3. ^ WTF??? Are they serious with an I7 and GTX 460 required for 720p?

    And as W2R already proved, the 9400 is horribly weak compared to the 9600, and mobile varients are even weaker. So a 9400M is weaker than a 9400GT for desktop.
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    Any mobile graphics card is weaker than its desktop counterpart. You want a better card than a 9400m for gaming -- the 9400m is an integrated graphic solution and weaker than almost any discrete graphics card.

    For some reviews of mobile graphics cards you might consider checking out

    That said, if you already have the macbook I would go ahead and try other similar games with similar system requirements on it to see how they perform. (demos provide a free way to test your system)
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