Installing Windows 7 (64-bit) onto a Samsung 830 SSD

So I just recently built a computer and installed windows 7 onto my harddrive. I then got a Samsung 830 series SSD and was have heard that putting your OS onto a ssd causes it to have quicker boot times. So my question is how would i go about moving windows 7 to my SSD or do i have to do a fresh install onto the SSD, and if i do have to do a fresh install how do i make sure it doesn't conflict with the windows 7 on my harddrive.

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  1. im not sure if moving windows is possible/recommended but i was you, i wouldn't try it. If you do a fresh installation of windows on your ssd, all it will do is when you start the computer, you will be asked if you want to boot on windows 7 or windows 7, one of them being on your ssd and the other on your hdd.
  2. do a fresh install if you can but then you hav to reinstall programs settings, a real pain in the arse...i have done the fresh install method and also the clone method using and it took all of 15 minutes, i made he ssd the main drive and the spindle drive became file thinking ssd is a better performance upgrade than ram but i am already running 16gb ram and a six core amd so i have plenty of horsepower already in my desktop unit..ssd is very very fast, i picked up 2 kingstons 3k hyperx 120gb last week from new egg for $60 each
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