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I am planning on a new rig right now and I want it for video games, college stuff and some graphic design. I usually
us my current rig for Internet, Office 07, and photo and video editing. I wanted to spend anywhere from $1300-1600max American, and don't need any accessarys like mouse, keyboard, printer and etc., just the 10 main parts including Windows 7.

I have an idea for a rig but I am still working on it, I just can't seem to choose which route to go. Since the HAF-X came out
today its a matter of when I make my decision.
Here is a run down of the for suer parts:
Phenom 2 X4 965 125watt
Windows 7 64 Home
CoolerMaster Hyper 212+
500gb HD
DVD Burner

K, Now the other 4 parts are going to effect which I choose, but the HX750 seems to be plenty for whichever way I go.
Here are my competitions:
Asus Crosshair 4 and the GigaByte UD7-I have picked the g.skill memory I will get for each one, just depends which one I get.

Now I chose the Gigabyte with the idea of getting 2-3 5770's probably 2, and save for another or two.
I liked the CrossHair 4 cause of all its features and I thought what I would do with it is just get a 5870 or 5850, but I could
easily get the 5770's if I wanted, but then I would max out at 3 which wouldn't really be a huge problem.

Anyways, I need help figuring which is the better route, should I get the CH4 and a 5870 or the UD7 and 5770's
or the CH4 w/5770's???
I wouldn't get the UD7 if I chose the 5870 because I am probably not going to be able to afford another with my college
budget so there would be no need for multi pci-e's, thats why I was considering the 5770's cause I could talk my mom into buying one for christmas or something.lol.
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  1. Fill out form in sticky link in my sig.

    Don't xfire more than 2 GPU's. Anything more and performance gain is minimal.

    That GA mobo is very expensive. A $105 ud4 is enough. Further,t he $130 price difference is enough to go from a 5770 to 5850.
  2. I would say just stick to single GPU solutions for the monster frames/$$ ratio and with carefully picked out h/w on Egg for $898AR

    +100 for OS
  3. second part of my sig ;)
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