How do i setup SCSI on my hard drive?

its worked because but then i messed up my system so had to reinstall windows.

right now i have asus m4a89td pro/usb3 motherboard with ahci mode set on my sata ports.

but windows didnt install scsi drivers. just regular drivers???

i had it working one time.

cant seem to get it to work anymore
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  1. Go here,

    Select your OS and install everything they have listed there. I'm not really sure what you mean by install scsi on your hard drive, but if you install all the drivers from that page you should be in good shape.
  2. actually i went to the amd website and installed optional drivers package. and it had way better updated drivers. seems like asus is done supporting this motherboard.

    but what i did was downloaded from here

    chipset drivers and raid drivers.
    but the raid drivers on a usb flash drive.
    restarted to bios.
    set sata ports to raid instead of ahci.
    booted my windows 7 64bit ultimate disk.
    loaded the raid drivers from my usb.
    installed windows.
    and walla.
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