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I use WIN XP professional.I generally work on Office 2007 SAS,MATLAB R 2010a Mathematica-7 ,VC++ 2008 and Oracle 11g.At any time I use 3 application like MATLAB Oracle and MS Office.What kind of machine configuration should be good for my work.
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  1. A build around an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T will be adequate for your work.. For a complete build suggestion, we need to know your budget..
  2. No constraint on budget.
  3. amd 965 x4 will do the trick... just ensure you have 6GB + RAM and you will have no problem.

    X6 1055T is good too, but i think x6 1075T or 1090T is better option if you wana go hex due to higher clock:)

    if you wana consider intel, then quad core i5 would be ok
  4. parthasinha said:
    No constraint on budget.

    CPU - Intel Xeon W5520 X 2

    Motherboard - EVGA SR2

    RAM - 2 sets of 3 x 4GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM

    GPU - Nvidia GeForce GT240

    Hard Drive - 2 x Intel 160GB G2 SSD for OS and apps

    Backup Hard Drive - 1 TB Samsung Spin Point F3

    Power Supply - Antec EA-650

    Case - Lian-Li PC A70F
  5. I don't see anything you run needing the horsepower being recommending.

    XP pro won't see anything over about 3.5Gb's of ram (you didnt say you use the 64 bit edition) for example.

    Any current build will run that stuff fine, just make sure the motherboard you want actually has drivers for XP available.
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