Noob here needs some help with ssd and hdd

so i have a 64gb ssd as my c drive and a 320gb hdd as my e. whenever i download something, it automatically goes to the c drive. when i run out of memory (will happen soon) will the stuff i download automatically transfer to the e drive? if not, how can i set my hdd to be the main drive but still keep the boot on the ssd?
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  1. you can just transfer stuff from your ssd 2 ur hdd to make more space.
  2. Copy the files out of your downloads folder into a nice new (made by you) folder on your e drive.

    Install Steam (if you ever use it) to the e drive.

    Go into your web browser and find the settings/preferences/tools/options menu and change your downloads directory to a new folder on the e drive.
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