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Ok guys and gals, I'm having an issue with setting up a quad monitor system.

The Facts:

MSI P55M-GD41 Mainboard
Intel Core i5 - 750
8GB PC1333

Windows 7 Pro

The Issue:

Using all four output across two cards, I have 4 monitors up and running. My issue is that monitors 3 and 4 are cloned, and I can't get them to extend the desktop instead. I've tried playing with the windows screen resolution, nvidia control panel, and ultramon. If I click on 3 or 4 and extend, then that monitor is exteneded and the other is disabled.

Is there a solution to this, or I am barking up the wrong tree with my hardware choices?

Thank for any suggestions.
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  1. Okay, troubleshooting update number one:

    I tried disabling monitor 1, still could not split 3 and 4, same with monitor 2, same with monitors 1 and 2. So I cannot run two distinct monitors of the second card. Next round of troubleshooting is switching the cards (they are the same model) and seeing if I got a bum card or if its the second PCIE slot.

    According to the board specs, the first slot is PCIE 2.0 x16, but the second is PCIE 2.0 x4.... would this cause the second card not to use both graphics ports, or would it still be able to use them, but at a slower fill rate?


    Having switched the cards with similar results, I went to

    Step Three: replaced 2nd card with 7800gtx I had on the shelf... results: machine booted, then dropped the display, and assumed locked up.

    Step Four: put GT240 back in, no video at windows login, no video at last known good config...

    Step Five: reinstall windows, watch some episodes of next gen....
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