Intel Core i7 Extreem Edition 975 VS Intel Core i7 970

Motherboard i got is Asus Rampage3 extreem

As i noticed here:

I7 970 has 6 cores tho i7 extreem 975 4cores.

what wold you get?

I use PC for gaming, waching movies, listening music and using adobe products time to time for video editing etc tho most of all i play:)
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  1. The 970 destroys the 975 in anything that can use the extra 2 cores, and matches it in single threaded performance. Only a fool would buy the 975 if it's priced any where near the 6 core options.
  2. and i noticed that i970 has corename as Gulftown (32 nanomeeter)means it was created at
    newer technology
    and Frequency (MHz) 3333 or 3200 is soo sma difrence.

    And i970 costs way less then i975
  3. if you dont plan to OC, then 975 is a complete waste. even if you OC, i would still consider 975 to be a waste due to higher price and less core. 975 do have higher price as per newegg :o
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