Kingston 128GB V200 vs Samsung 64GB 830 Series SSD

The Kingston 128GB V200 SSD is available for £49.98, which seems a great deal. Only problem is that I've read a few reviews and they said that the performance was so bad Kingston withdrew it for a while, and now it's on sale again with improved firmware. I still don't know though if it's worth it, even for at that price.

Or, would it be better to get the Samsung 64GB 830 Series SSD for £51.17, which has better reviews but has smaller storage.

I was really only planning on buying one for the OS and a few key programmes (Firefox/Chrome, Office etc), but if I did get the 128gb one obviously I'd be able to fit more on there, so my question is is it really worth getting an SSD if I'm trying to stick to a budget and is the Kingston V200 a good SSD.

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  1. The samsung will probably last you longer and give you better peformance and for what you want to do whit it, I think it will feed your needs pretty well. I don't trust kingston sdds
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