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I need a new drive for my steam games ect. i cant decide between a 1TB caviar black/2x 1TB caviar black in RAID 0, 1 300gb velociraptor, or 2x 120ssd's (most likely 2 agility 3's).

I want my games to load quite fast but im not sure if i need anything above the single caviar black drive for that.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. A fast hdd at 6Gb/s should do the job quite well but if you're only goig to put game in it i dont think something more than 500gb will be necessary but if yo really want a 1tb drive, look at this one :
  2. on the UK version of amazon the 1tb costs exactly the same as the 500gb so i might as well get taht! and cheers fo the reply! :D
  3. you're welcolme
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