Which ASUS 1155 Motherboard?

I'm looking to get the last couple pieces of a new computer, specifically, the motherboard and CPU. The two most important aspects for me are build quality and overclocking capabilities. I've been running my current ASUS motherboard overclocked for the last 4 years or so.

Aside from overclocking my CPU, I won't be asking that much of it. I'll probably only have at most 2 hard drives connected, I won't be using SLI or Crossfire. But, I will probably need this to last at least 4 years.

So, given my simple needs, am I giving anything up by not getting the P8P67 Deluxe vs. the standard P8P67 or the P8P67 LE? I seemed to remember reading before the recall that some of ASUS' lower end P67 motherboards didn't allow overclocking.

Any insight would be helpful.


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  1. I believe the std P8P67 only difference from the PRO which was the most popular board is the PCIe x16 slots. http://www.anandtech.com/show/4130/the-battle-of-the-p67-boards-asus-vs-gigabyte-at-190/2 The deluxe certainly has more features.
  2. P8P67 Pro is a great choice for what you described. I highly recommend it.
  3. My p8p67-m pro (the micro-ATX version of the p8p67 pro) has worked almost flawlessly from install. I highly recommend it!
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