P67 vs H67 vs Z68...I don't get it!

So, I have read the recent articles and am not sure I understand.

Please help me out here as I am running an AMD64 single care 3200+...It is TIME to upgrade!!

So: My understanding is that:

P67 = CPU Overclocking
H67 = HD Graphics chip
Z68 = Both.

However, Virtu would allow me to use the HD Graphics even with the P67? So whats the point of the Z68? Also whats the point of running Virtu on Z68? This is where my confusion stems from.

I'm a pretty heavy computer user. I run ps3 media server for transcoding, play video games, do some rendering/video editing, and I do computer forensics by trade so I need some heavy CPU power.

Thanks for helping me clear this up!
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  1. check out this link may be it will clarify things http://www.pugetsystems.com/blog/2011/06/09/h67-p67-and-z68-which-one-is-right-for-you/
    i am also looking for a sandy bridge chipset and still not sure
  2. Hi, Im new to posting here allthough Ive read alot off this forum. this is a very helpful bunch of folks here and I appriciate what you guys do for the community.

    I have a quick question in regard to these chipsets. from what I understand the z68 chipset is just like the p67 just with a few upgrades like ssd cache'n

    I cannot remember where I read it. It might have been a review here at tomsHW. But I think I remember reading that the h67 is ideal for video en/de/transcoding? Im just trying to get my facts straight before I make a purchase. at this point Im just fine at shucking out for a z68 board. But I make back ups a lot. So video coding is something that needs to be very quick and smooth.

    how does video coding come into play when it comes to these chipsets? is there any major difference between the three?
    I ask this someone noob of a question because The article I read has noted that h67 is THE best mobo at the moment for video coding.

    EDIT: In regards o the z68 boards. does any board containing a pisplay port, weither it being HDMI/display/mini display and etc... would you be able to switch between sandy bridges graphics and a decrete graphics card? are there any parameters to this? Newegg has plenty of mobos containing display ports but almost everyone one of them doesnt destincly give that feature in the colorful overfiew of features.

    example is here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128505

    Im assuming that the mobo doesnt need to have an onboards graphics chip and that any mobo containing a display port will be able to use this feature? can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks

    ill be running a sandy or ivy bridge when they are released. i5 SB2500k, with a deticated gpu. I know that the h67 cannot O.C. but the cpu is more for forward combatibility with future boards that are released. If there isnt any significant difference in video coding Ill probably just get a z68 and O.C.

    Thanks for an help that floats my way. TomsHW is the best!
  3. if youre using a dedicated graphics card either p67 or z68 will be fine, p67 tends to be a little cheaper though
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