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I everybody.
First, I live in Quebec, Canada and I'm planning on buying parts for my new Gaming Build.
~$2500 shipping and taxes included

So here's the choice:

I really want to buy from NewEgg, love the website, the discounts and the prices !
I chatted with someone from the customer service and she said customs' taxes (USA to CAN) were included in the total. So, I wouldn't pay anything when I receive my order. Can someone back or support this statement from their personal experience ?

2: Microbytes
You probably don't know this Shop, but it's a great shop here, but there's around 300-400$ premium to NewEgg which is a lot, but they do the installation.

What should I do ? This is my first build, but I read a lot on TH and I do think I'll be able to install all the parts.
What about guarantees at NewEgg, returns ? Is it reliable ?
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  1. I live in the U.S., so I can't give you a Canadian perspective, but Newegg is as reliable as it gets. Their prices aren't what they once were, but they are still awesome in how they treat their customers. As for what you should do, of course, avoid the premium, and install the parts yourself. :)
  2. Newegg is very good, and widely used. You will notice that the prices for are quite different from, they already accounted for any additional fees that you would need to pay in that price. For US customers newegg has a very good reputation for customer service, i expect their canadian branch lives up to a similar standard.

    I would definitely do the installation yourself, having someone else do the hour or two build for you for 300-400 is certainly no worth it.
  3. Damn $300-400 is daylight robbery IMO!
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