400 to 600 office computer

Hey guys :hello: I need a new office computer. I have the budget of 400 to 600 :??: and would like:

ability to use two screens
windows 7
a 4 to 5 year life span
ability to run multiple programs at once

mouse or keyboard
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  1. USD for the 400 to 600 dallors
  2. $478AR, +100 for Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    2 X Displays via
    1 x Analogue (VGA)
    1 x Digital (DVI or HDMI)
  3. The only thing not to like about that build is that depending on the size of your office, space may be an issue, and a micro-ATX (or even mini-ITX) build would take up a lot less space.
  4. space is no problem
  5. Ok then, it's a nice build!

    (Made better by a combo on that case/PSU that brings it down to $51 after MIR today; see www.slickdeals.net).
  6. ok thanks guys how do i select best answer??
  7. There should be a button by each reply, but I don't think it will be there if you created this as a discussion thread, rather than a question/answer thread.
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