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Ok so just bought a OCZ Vertex 3. I currently use a seagate barracuda 1TB which has my windows OS and all my files. What i basically want to do is just put my main games and Windows OS on the ssd and keep everything else on the HDD. How would i go about doing that?
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  1. I'm assuming you have too much data on the 1 TB to clone to the SSD (capacity?). One option is simply to dust off your installation disk and re-install Windows on the SSD, setting that as the boot disk (unplug the hard drive while you set up Windows on the SSD). Then you can plug the hard drive back in. You'll still have a bunch of Windows and Program files taking up space on what is now a storage drive, so delete those folders.
  2. Because your 1tb hard drive is so much larger than the ssd, a simple clone will not work. A reinstall of the os on the ssd is required. It is probably best to do anyway.

    1) In preparation, use windows easy transfer to export your files and settings to an area on the hard drive.
    2) Uninstall all of your apps. They won't run if the registry has changed.
    3) Shut down, and disconnect the hard drive. You don't want windows allocating a recovery partition there.
    4) If not already done, set the sata mode to ahci(not ide or raid) to enable trim.
    5) Install windows, do the updates.
    6) Reattach your hard drive, making certain that the SSD is still the boot drive.
    7) Import the files and settings you want from your exported file area. This can be selective.
    8) Reinstall the games or apps that you want resident on the SSD
    9) Clean up the hard drive. Delete old windows files etc..
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