CPU and motherboard housing problems.

Hi. so my computer has been randomly force restarting so i thought it was ram both sticks were fine and then i checked my cpu temps. i have a aftermarket cooler and a amd phenom 565 BE and the temperature on it was over 75c.

So the first thing i was going to try was the general cleaning for dust and whatever else. its a new computer so haven't taken anything off or added anything and was my first thorough clean job. i undo the bracing for my cpu fan take off bracing and start to take the fan off. the cpu was STUCK to the fan there was not even any resistance while lifting. so then i look at the cpu housing on my motherboard and its cracked so bad that the lever thats suppose to hold the cpu in place i could jus lift it and take it off. and i look at the pins on my cpu and they were bent and 1 pin broke off.

I bought it at cyberpower pc because i didnt want to build my own computer this time. its still under warranty has only been 8 months. so what do u think?
should they replace.
or did i jus *** it up somehow?
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  1. put everything in as it was and say it just broke oterwise teyll say its your fault
  2. except the pins on the cpu dont fit into the motherboard since their all fucked.
  3. well i'd say just try the warranty
  4. This is the problem with AMD. I once encountered the same issue with my 955, except I was luckier than the OP. My pins were still intact. My board wasn't as lucky. The latch became loose but that could be an easy fix once HSF is mounted. Issues like this really make me want Intel.

    I'd say go for the warranty anyway. You have nothing to lose trying.
  5. yeah theres no hurt in trying. im just angry that this happened.
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