240GB SanDisk for $120 or Samsung 830?

Staples has a 1 day special on this SSD


It is only $120. My other choice at this point is a 128gb Samsung 830 series that is on sale at Newegg right now for $90. The Samsung seems to have some great reviews here from Tom's and I really don't think I need the extra space although it might be nice.

What does anyone think?
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  1. Wow. Go with the Sandisk. It has received some excellent reviews as well and user reviews on Newegg are eggcellent. Newegg currently has it on sale for $169 so $120 for a 240GB is a steal.

    I just ordered one and my co-worker is doing the same. I'm currently rocking a 128GB Sata II. I find that I have to uninstall games to make space. This will be a Sata III upgrade and more space :)
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