Help? Newly built computer turns on for 2 secs then off

So anyways, I bought all the parts, and then assembled them according to the manual in the case. I turn it on; the fans turn on and I hear the everything working fine for 2 seconds, then it turns off, so I completely disassemble the thing and put the motherboard on a cardboard box and take everything off except CPU and RAM and short the power pins to turn it on. Same thing. I've rearranged the RAM to every combo possible, with both 1 stick and 2 sticks. I checked the power supply, and it works on my old computer just fine. I've even gone as far as taking out the heatsink and removing and reapplying thermal paste on it. Still nothing. No beeps from the speaker, no nothing. The 4 LED lights do turn on though.

Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Motherboard
Intel i7 860 LGA1156
XION 630Watt PSU
(2) Corsair CM3X2048-1333C9DHX 2gb 1333Mhz 9-9-9-24 Dual Channel

I'm bummed. Anything else that I can do?
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  1. you plug in the 4 pin power for the CPU ? top left of your CPU ?
  2. Yep.
  3. Also, if I leave it on, it keeps turning on for 2 seconds then goes back off for 5 or so seconds and turns on again, then off, then on, then off, etc. You get the picture.
  4. bilibin said:
    Also, if I leave it on, it keeps turning on for 2 seconds then goes back off for 5 or so seconds and turns on again, then off, then on, then off, etc. You get the picture.

    Yup i get it :) anyways try this link
  5. I've done all of that, of course, some of it I can't exactly check.
  6. Hell i dont know then sorry m8, maybe someone else will come along with a bit more problem sloving know how.
  7. Okay, I had the same problem two days ago and this worked for me:

    1. Disconnect the power cord so the system has no outside supply, then open the case. Remove the mobo BIOS battery (about the size of a quarter) from its plastic holder.

    2. Find the "BIOS reset" pins that have one jumper on a pin pair. Move the jumper to the other pin pair and leave for about 10 seconds, them move it back to the normal storage position. Replace the mobo battery. Close up and reconnect power.

    3. Boot immediately into BIOS Setup. You need to re-establish a good set of BIOS Parameters. Go to a menu near the end where you can Load a set. Usually the best choice is either Factory Default or Optimized Default. Save and Exit. This should allow you to boot smoothly.

    4. If you need to change any parameters to a custom setting, reboot into BIOS Setup again, make your changes, Save and Exit.

    The system I was working with had been successfully booted in the past, though. But it would turn on for a couple of seconds and then just shut right back off.

    Of course, you're CPU fan is plugged into the designated cpu fan header, right? It's not connected directly to the power supply, fan controller, or some other header on the motherboard is it? I know that some motherboards won't boot up if the CPU fan isn't plugged into the correct fan header. Although, there'd probably be a beep code for that.

    Hope this works out.
  8. You only need ram, cpu, cpu cooler (plugged in the correct header) and the power supply to boot the board. If it will not stay on this way you probably have a bad MB or cpu. From your post I will figure you have checked and all cables are in the correct way and nothing has fallen onto the board or could be shorting anywhere. Remove the cpu and look closely at the MB socket pins. Is there any thermal on them? Are they all looking the same? No bending or any missing? Look at the bottom of the processor. Same stuff. Remove Ram. Put in one at a time. Into the same first slot. Could be a bad stick or slot. I suggest you do this in the case as it is the best mount for the board. Since the only things you have not checked are the Ram and CPU, check them out before RMA the board. Pulling the battery and unplugging will reset the bios and is a good idea as it will eliminate the bios as a possible cause.
  9. This is slightly off topic since it wouldn't cause the shut-down problems you describe, but I was wondering what graphics card you're using. I hope you're not trying to use the video outputs on your motherboard because they're useless with your CPU. The i7 860 doesn't have an on-board GPU, so the motherboard video outputs won't work. You'll need a graphics card to get any video output.
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