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i want to block a website using java is it possible for me to do it.. if it is please explain how??
thank you in advance
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  1. You mean block it from being accessed by your PC? And why Java?

    Normally you just need to use a firewall, either one locally installed on your PC or at the router (it may even be part of a parental control feature).

    You need to be more specific wrt intent because simply asking to block a website w/ Java is far too vague (well, unless you want an equally vague response).
  2. You'd typically need something that allows deep inspection of the network traffic. I know some of the enterprise grade IDS / IPS appliances will do this. I know it can be done with the IBM Proventia series of inline appliances, and possibly others such as Cisco IPS series or CheckPoint.
  3. I should probably note that a lot of this maybe cost prohibitive for a home user.
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