GTX 280 vs GTX 260 Core 216 SC vs Radeon HD 5770 xxx edition?

As in the thread title which one would perform better in: reliability, speed, and overclocking. I'm looking for a card that can handle anything you throw at it but more specifically Flight Simulator 10 ( FSX ). Note: The 5770 is the cheapest out of the 3... Whatever of these cards win then i will probably SLI/Crossfire them later on...Thank You!
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  1. the GTX 280 is the better card of the three

    for CF/SLI I would go with the ATI 5770 since it uses less power and creates less heat then the two Nvidia Cards.

    The GTX260 offers a similar performance to the ATI 5770.
  2. Do you have a m/b capable of that ?
    What is the rest of your system ?
    FSX likes cpu
    The GTX 280 should be crossed off your list. Its to expensive and is made obsolete by the GTX 470 which can be had for about the same money as the 280 and is about 30% faster. 350.00 dollars.
    There is a GTX 260 available for 180.00 at newegg so prices are almost comparable to a 5770. Same with performance.
  3. Of the three the GTX 280 is the most powerful.. But both the Nvidia cards do not bring anything new to the table.. The HD 5770 is the better buy here.. It gives you DX 11 and eyefinity.. Plus it has a lesser power draw and temp production.. Its performance as stated above is on par with the GTX 260.. However, since you can afford a GTX 280, you should go for the GTX 470.. It has comparable performance to two 5770's in crossfire.. Also, SLI scales better than crossfire so in future if you plan on adding an another card, you can be assured of some serious horse power for your games.. Investing in something powerful at the present will give you more headroom in terms of time before you feel the need for a change..
  4. Well, I can get the GTX 280 for $200 and the 5770 for $170 and the GTX 260 Core 216 SC for $210. My processor is an Phenom II X4 965 black edition @ 4.0GHz on an ASUS m4a89gtd pro motherboard. Which one is better???
  5. I'd go for the 280..
  6. I'd go for the 280..
  7. the gtx280 is a steal if you have a PSU that can handle it
  8. Double check that cost on the 280. If it really is $200 then go for it. You won't find anything faster at $200 and below.
  9. The GTX 280 has been used since it's came out but with great care and the fan is always on 100% and has never been overclocked. So he says... -.^... I was originally going to go for the GTX 280 but I'm unsure that he has 2 of them... Otherwise its the Radeon hd 4890 or the 5770 XXX edition or the GTX 280... really getting annoyed by how my cards change every hour or so -.-
  10. My bad i said GTX 280 its supposed to be Radeon HD 4890, Radeon HD 5770 XXX edition, or the GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked... :pfff:
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    I tend to shy away from second hand vid cards. But it's up to you. If you don't end up taking the 280 then I'd advise you to go with the 5770 over the 260 for a few reasons.

    1) The 5770 is a new series card. If at some point later down the road you want to add a second card, you'll be likely to find one. The 260 will be phased out sooner.

    2) At about the same performance, the 5770 uses a lot less power and runs cooler than the 260.

    3) The 5770 supports DirectX11 and Eyefinity. The 260 does not.
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  13. It's ok, the same advice applies to the 4890. It's out of production, runs hotter and on more juice, does not support directx11 or eyefinity and only gives a small increase in performance. You're good.
  14. Now, what if i buy that GTX 280 and OC it and he doesn't have a second one? That leaves me with that card for awhile or a big hole in my pocket... Should i go with the 5770 XXX edition and buy another one later to be safe... Remember the GTX 280 is USED, I'm having second thoughts... then again, if you would do it even though its used then I'll do it. By the way the GTX 280 has a lifetime warranty and an EVGA precision overclocking tool... This is really driving me nuts!!!
  15. In your shoes, I'd buy the 5770, but that's just because I've been burned in the past when I bought an ATI card several years back second hand that burned out a few weeks later. So take note that my opinion is colored by this. Second hand is always a gamble. For what it's worth, I'd buy the 5770 and save towards a second one. They're like $150 to $160. 2x 5770 > 1x 280. Again remember the 200 series days are numbered. Fermi is here and will replace them. BTW what resolution monitor are you running? What games do you want to play at that res?
  16. Well, thats hard knowing... probably 1280 x 1024 or something around there... perhaps 1400 x 400... I don't know exacly but something in the lower res there... Also I mainly want to play FSX, Crysis, Resident Evil 5, Modern Warfare 2, Etc...
  17. wow if you play at lower res and not plan on getting a higher res monitor, i'd say that gives more reason to get the 5770 first and save for another one later.

    a single 5770 should be plenty fast for your games at the moment!
  18. Yup, a 5770 will push all of those games at that res just fine. You won't even need the second one unless you get a bigger monitor. I'd say you're good to go.
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