No video first boot

AMD Phenom II 1055T
ANTEC TruePower 750 Blue
Samsung SpinPoint F3 1T

I just got all the parts today. When I tried booting up, nothing happened. Fans ran, no beep, no video.

I removed all ram, it beeps with indication of no ram
I tried one ram, no beep no video
I removed the video card. no beep

it might be the motherboard not having the latest bios but i have no way of updating it....... :(


I went through this checklist
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  1. hmm.. not sure what this could be apart from a dodgy component..

  2. The ASUS M4A79T DELUXE was released way before the Phenom II 1055T. Your CPU isn't supported by the M4A79T until the latest 3107 BIOS version that was released on 05/21/2010.
  3. then thats the prob , if its bios its not updated the u have nothing to to but to change ur proc with another one , flash ur bios and put ur 1055t in
  4. *confirmed his sneaking suspicion that he didn't want to sound stupid by suggesting if it was wrong*

    sounds like the problem to me
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