RMA my Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 motherboard, or potentially drivers?

Start with the build (Sorry, I'm not at home ATM, so most of these I can't tell you offhand what the models are; let me know if you need more info and I'll update them when I get home):
AMD Phenom II 1055T
Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5
4x2GB Corsair RAM
2x1TB WD Black
Coolermaster 80+750W PSU

I've check my problem with some of the guys on another forum I frequent, and it sounds like it will be a hardware issue. Although I have a lot of faith in those I've talked to I thought before jumping the gun I should check with some other people who specialize in hardware rather than software. On to the problem.

I've configured this build with the 2 WD drives in mirror on the SATAIII controller, while the SSD is on the SATAII. Built it this way as initially I installed xp, and it was having a lot of trouble with the install since I don't have a floppy drive on this. I've since upgraded the OS to windows 7x64.
It appears that the sataIII controller is having some intermittent issues, dropping events much like the following:
"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR7." (one recent one is simply: "The driver detected a controller error on \...\DR3."). These usually follow events from the AMD Raid indicating a failure due to an unplugged drive. I have checked to ensure all the cables have been seated properly. I have also run smart and full scan against the drives using WD's tools and they check out as fine. Haven't seen an issue with HDD0. Eventually the second port wouldn't come back online, so the mirror is currently broken, so its sitting with one mirrored and one jbod drive (events for HDD3 do occur as well, which should be that old mirrored disk).

Here's where it gets interesting. Plugging in external devices such as headphones, usb drives, etc increase the probability that the above events will occur. I can trigger the event with the above frequently enough by adding the devices that I no longer consider it to be coincidental.

My question is, is there any possibility that such behaviour can be caused by drivers, or is it a pretty clear cut hardware issue? The whole dropping of devices sounds that it could be a driver or hardware issue, but the seemingly unreleated event of adding devices causing problem looks to point to a problem on that SB850.
If its potentially a driver issue, any suggestions for trouble shooting it? Forgot to mention that shortly after building this I flashed to F6 bios and installed the newest drivers, and I updated the chipset drivers recently (I *believe* the version is 11.2).

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!
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    I believe that the drives are on the same controller so it looks like hardware failure of the board.
  2. rolli59 said:
    I believe that the drives are on the same controller so it looks like hardware failure of the board.

    Thank you for taking the time to add your input!
    That's absolutely correct. HDD1, HDD2, and (now since its jbod') HDD3 are located on the same controller while the HDD0 is on the SATAII controller with my DVD device - neither of which have had problems.
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