Graphics card dead or bad PCI-e slot?


Windows 7
Intel Q6700 Quad
XFX 780i Tri-SLi mobo
2 x XFX 9800GTX XXX (was in SLi, not now for troubleshooting)
4 x 2GB G.Skill DDR2 800 (1 stick for troubleshooting)
500GB Seagate HDD
Corsair 750TX PSU

I'm having trouble with my motherboard detecting the graphics card, post code error '25' (shadow system/video BIOS). I am running a Voodoo3 3000 out of the PCI slot now just so I can get display. The question, is the card dead or is the PCI-e slot bad?

I don't have any other PCI-e card I can try or borrow.

I was originally running an SLi setup, when I noticed that one card was not being detected. Is it possible to have an SLi setup with one dead card and still have display?

- Thanks
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  1. Ok, so does 1 9800GTX in the primary or secondary PCI-E get detected? If so, do both separately get detected?

    I once had an issue where one of my 6800GTs would only get detected 10-15% of the time. I had to return the Motherboard for repair to fix it.
  2. No, if in the primary it's not being detected. On this board, if you're only running one card it must be in the primary, you can't place it in any PCI-e slot or it won't boot. Right now I have a 9800GTX in the primary and I'm using the Voodoo3 to actually display. I'm thinking about flashing the BIOS of the 9800GTX and seeing if that fixes the problem but doing a little more reading about the topic. Also not sure if it will void the warranty.
  3. So neither 9800GTX is detected in when it is placed (alone) in the primary? I'd have to say Motherboard BIOS/PCI-E problem as i find it unlikely that two 9800GTXs went defective at the same time.
  4. Neither are detected. I find both cards going bad to be unlikely also. But what if it was a few weeks apart without me knowing? Without testing the PCI-e slot, I can't know for sure. I may check out a cheap video card just to test it to make sure.

    Has anyone had success reviving cards by flashing VBIOS?
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