Getting a 5850 and curious about pci connectors...

Hey, I have a 5770 at the moment, and I'm upgrading to a Asus 5850 DirectCU. as far as I know the 5770 takes a 6 pin which I have... but the 5850 takes a 6 and a 8 pin pci power connector. The unboxing videos show that the 5850 comes with a 6 pin adapter only... am I mistaken? Do I need to get an 8 pin adapter or what? Also, I'm looking at the pics, and I'm starting to think that I could put a 6 pin into an 8 pin... and finally, the 6 pin to 8 pin adapter doesn't even look like it uses the last 2 pins which really looks like I could put a 6 pin in there... would it work?
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  1. jefe323 said:

    yes, but the asus directcu 5850 has one six and one eight
  2. You will only need 2 6-pin connectors. No worries as long as you have 2 of them. You should like your 5850, great GPUs. Good luck!

    BTW, I would recommend you NOT OC your CPU or GPU as your PSU just meets requirements. Adding the additional strain on your system of OCing my not be a positive experience unless you get a stronger PSU.
  3. ^^ The reference version uses dual 6-pins, but his version uses a 6pin+8pin set up.

    For the 5850 TOP, I'm almost sure you could just use 2 6-pins for power, it would fit fine, but you'll will be limited to 75W for each connector, instead of 150W for the 8-pin. However, I would suggest you get a 6-8pin adapter anyways, as some cards have a tendency of not powering up with unfilled pins (even if they're ground).

    So try it out with dual 6-pins and see if it powers up, if not get an adapter.
  4. okay thanks... I'll just do that...
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