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Need help from any Drop Box experience user. Since drop box can create multiple storage acessing folder on different computer. Can i use it to share home video with freind and family ? Like if i put a short clip into my drop box folder then it would show up on my parent drop box folder? I usually have to compress the video file and then upload it to a online storage site, and help them go through the process of dling/unzip..etc etc. Its a pain in the ass.. so clicking on a folder would be much better for them.

I know i should be asking on Drop Box main forum ..but they are currently down atm and this is the only techy-ish forum i frequent. If this doesn't belong here feel free to delete it. Thx in advance for the help.
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  1. It should just work just fine. Long as you have the folder set up on the site i think the 2nd computer has to go on the website to verify the shared folder.
  2. thx for the quick reply, i'll will try that when i get home from work. Also, a thought occur to me.. wouldn't this service be overun by pirated software? Even if they have some sort of checking system in place.. couln't it become the next rapidshare.
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