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Anybody know of a case that employs 180mm intake fans however is not inverted ATX or Xclio? Preferably full tower, black interior, below $200?
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  1. Any specific reasons for you to be asking for a 180mm fan size equipped case.? I ask this coz i am well aware of your knowledge regarding cases (which is good BTW).. As a side note i think some Thermaltake model does come with that sort of fan size.. I think its the Speedo.. Not sure though..
  2. SilverStone Raven RV01 and Silverstone FT01 Fortress
  3. Haha, thanks for the try WR2, but i did say "is not inverted ATX" so that rules out the RV01 and RV02 and FT series. The reason i ask for a case with 180mm is the AP181 fan is 180mm:


    the 120mm fan version has overlapping blades. While this may or may not help with the air pressure its meant for, it also kinda kills air flow. The 180mm version doesnt have overlapping blades, and therefore has some great airflow, as well as not having the wierd UV blue blades. Therefore, that makes it the ultimate front intake fan, and possibly just as good for bottom/side. Thats why im looking for a case that happens to have a 180mm intake fan, and preferably front or bottom. For those who dont think this fan is good, i forget the test, but it lowered gpu temps by 10 C, and the 120mm is supposed to be an amazing heatsink fan, which is to be expected with its pressure.
  4. Why do you think the FT01 Fortress is inverted?
  5. Oh, my bad, I was thinking of the FT02. Confusing changing things up like that, eh? But the FT01 looks almost perfect. Bottom fan space would have been nice, as would just the option for ones on the side. Any windows for it with vents?
  6. On second thought, it does have a few problems. For one, its a mid tower, i like full towers. Not a deal breaker, just a preference. It doesnt have a removed CPU backplate, which is annoying combined with not having removable mobo tray. Aluminum is very nice though, and black interior is nice. Cable managment looks pretty nice, ive seen better though. Im not entirely sold on the cooling though, but i may be wrong. The positive air flow might help. Sound and vibration foam is a very nice addition though!
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