Itel hd vs ATI Radeon HD for autocad and solidworks

I run autocad revit and solidworks 2010. I was told a dedicated graphics card but alot of computers are coming with the intel hd graphics. Should i stay away from the itels? I do a lot od 3d rederings and 3d scenes. Its not gaming but i wasnt sure if this is about the same thing.
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  1. solidworks doesnt support anything but the ati Fire series or the nvidia Quadro's. These are workstation cards and can command quite a price for the upper end. The lower end are affordable thou.

    Pretty much the same for Revit.

    Not that other cards wouldn't work, just not supported.
  2. thanks all.. I noticed SW changed their page on the cards. It used to show ones that would work but now it doesn't. Trying to get a laptop set up for my wife to work from home.
  3. Hi ,Im running Atucoad Revit 2010 /2011. I have a new Laptop on order and Im trying to find out the suitability of the Card- looking at the specs it is higher than the Nvidia Quadro I have been quoted from Opposition Laptop suppliers, The Laptop I have ordered is the Asus G73 running the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5 VRAM..... Any thoughts ?
    Cheers John B
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