Did my 8800GTS died?

Hi guys.

Some months ago, while I was connecting my speakers to the mobo when my 3-year-old 8800GTS stopped working. I restarted the PC and I heard 2 beeps followed by 9 or 10 other beeps. I tried chanching the pcie cable. Nothing. I removed the heatsink to see if it smelled like burned or sth but nothing, tested it without heatsink and nothing. Is there any way to repair it or it just died? I'm buying a 5750 like a little upgrade but i would like to sell this 8800GTs for like...80 bucks..

Sorry if they are some grammar mistakes, I'm Costa Rican and I'm learning english =)
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    No, sorry, your 8800 GTS is dead.
  2. Too bad. PNY 8800GTS 640mb XLR8 edition... R.I.P.

    Thanks bro.
  3. No problem, and your English is actually quite good.
  4. Yay! Thanks. I'm currently using a GF 7100GS massively overclocked 350/471 gpu and 400/800 memory. =.=. waiting to get the money for the 5750.
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