Any difference in included thermal grease vs Arctic Silver?

I'm shopping around for a CPU cooler for a 1156 motherboard / i7-870, and I'm interested in the Thermaltake 1156 Silent cooler.

I noticed that thermal grease is included in the package (in the past there was none).

Is this grease basically the same as Arctic Silver quality?
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  1. That depends, does it have silver inside like Artic Silver does, either way probably not as it's what the company packs in for convenience, my opinion.
  2. Yup, it depends, it could be generic silicon grease or silver-based compounded, not sure what TT does though.

    You could just use that it if you don't have a tube of AS5 handy though, see if you like the temps.
  3. Ah ok, thank you. That's a good idea. I'll try the generic ones and if it's not good I'll clean it and put AS5.

    Unfortunately I don't have any around.... last time I build a PC was back in like 2003.
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