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Recently my hard drive got corrupted, it kept blue-screening before anything had the chance to start loading, even a boot from a CD. I brought a new hard drive and installed windows on it and then re-connected my old hard drive, but once I did it would do the same and blue-screen before it could start up (I did make sure the old hard drive wasn't on the boot list).

Is there going to be an easy way to retrieve my old data back before I resort to buying a USB to SATA enclosure?

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  1. While you're in windows with your new hdd, do you see it?
  2. you can try running the diagnostic software from whoever made your HDD.

    Maybe it will boot into that software and not bluescreen
  3. use windows installer disk to boot in DOS and see if you can access hard drive. Then use DOS commands to copy as much as you can to your working drive.

    There are some software which you can specify extension (.JPG .GIF .MOV etc) and it will scan and save all it finds, but drive must at least be recognized in "My Computer" for it to work.
  4. Usually a bluescreen is specific to windows if you are talking about a BSOD (blue screen of death) which means that it doesn't happen before windows starts loading.

    Try having just your corrupted hard drive connected and boot from a cd (like a windows setup cd or linux live cd). If you can't boot to the cd, then I don't know of a way to recover the data. But if it boots, then there are many ways. Let us know if it will boot.
  5. Yes it was BSoD so I cannot try any of the suggestions unfortunately because like I said it won't load up at all with it plugged in, not even to the boot CD. The other issue is that you can't connect the HDD after the computer's started and have it recognised, which is why I'm sure I could access it if it was in a USB hub, but wanted to know if anyone knew a way around before it came to that
  6. Right I brought myself a SATA to USB hard drive hub so I can bypass it crashing on startup, but the problem still persists. As soon as I switch on the power it starts trying to install the device and then within a couple of seconds the computer crashes, and blue screens with the same error as before.

    So my next question is please does anyone know how I can access the data on that hard drive? I have a lot of stuff on there that I not only need to have access to but also a lot of things which are very important to me.

    I need your help more than ever and I know that it's going to be a tall order (if at all possible) but any help or ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  7. how is it on a different computer?
  8. I tried it on my laptop and it didn't crash the computer, but it couldn't install the driver for it and would not recognise it. I tried running Microsoft Fixit but it couldn't fix it either
  9. Just as a side note, I just tried it in my work laptop as well and it crashed that too with the same blue screen. Which by the way is an error with clfs.sys
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