XFX 4850 1gb amp problem

Hey guys, I'm frustrated beyond understanding right now because ATI can't put simple amp requirements on their box. I am thinking of buying an XFX 4850 1GB but this is the problem, I read on the AMD/ATI site that the card needs 75W to the PCI-E connector...I have absolutely NO idea what that means but what I'm asking is, can someone please tell me how may amps I need for this card per 12v? I'm not a computer expert, I just want to enjoy some shooters and this is preventing me from doing so, please, please help me anyone.
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  1. How big is your power supply? You need one that's at least 500 Watts and has a six pin 9-12v adapter plug.
  2. The power supply I have right now can't support it but I'm going to buy one that can support it, that's why I'm asking around right now. I want to know the required Amps so I know what to buy because I don't want the power supply brekaing on me because I put too much stress on it.

    P.S I'm sitting in front of my comp refreshing every second so i'll be replying fast
  3. HD4850 need a single 6pin power connector from PSU.
    HD4870 need 2x 6pin power connector.
    One 6pin = 75 W.
    2x 6pin = 150 W.

    What is your current PSU?
    What about the other specs?
  4. About 6.5 amperes on the 12 volt circuit.
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