Help on first pc build

I was hoping to get some advice on building a new pc, I haven't chosen components before and I don't want to choose items that are incompatible or are to high/low specced compared to the other components. Any help would be appreciated :)

This is what I'm looking at atm


Antec Three Hundred Case Black

Power Supply

750W Black PSU 12CM Dual 12v CE PFC Model 750UB

Graphics Card

XFX ATI Radeon 5770 HD 875Mhz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI (XXX Edition)


3x Corsair Memory 2G DDR3 1333MHz VS DIMM


Kingston 64GB SSDNow V-Series SATA2 2.5


Intel Core i5-750 Quad Core 2.66GHz 8MB Processor


Gigabyte S1156 Intel P55 ATX DDR3 A L
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  1. Looks all good to me... Apart from the Ram.

    You should get 4gb or 8gb, and imo u should step up to 1600mhz modules since this will give you extra bandwidth, and the price diffrence is like £10 / $20 extra... depending where you shop.

    6gb would mean its running in Aysync' mode which would bottleneck the dual channel due to there being an odd amount of RAM modules. (in my experience)

    Maybee you got confused with the lga1366 socket boards? which of course are Tri-Channel so 6gb would be perfect! Socket lga1156 boards are Dual channel, so 4/8/12/16 gb is best.

    Oh almost forgot... grab yourself quality brand PSU! The one component you dont wanna cheap-out on! (remembers *unnamed brand* ^^ psu making some impressive fireworks, then needing fresh under-garments!)

    hope this helps!
  2. If it's for gaming get 4G of RAM, scrap the SSD and get a HD 5850.
  3. ^Depends... Would be nice to have a blistering quick OS.

    Instead you could scrap the intel and go AMD, O'C, Then get 5850 :)
  4. I would drop the SSD and get a better GPU for gaming, as stated above you want the 5850 which is far more important for performance than SSD which is a nice to have. Just get yourself the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb HDD.

    Also as others have said, get a decent quality PSU

    If possible replace the RAM with 4gb of G Skill Ripjaw RAM 1600mhz with low latency (7-8-7-24)
  5. SSD improves all pc performance not just OS. from starting up your browser to mission loading times in a game. Whether it's worth it in a build like this? IMO no but it just depends whats important for you. Not only is that a very slow ssd but it's also very small. You're better of getting 2 500gb drives in raid0.
  6. I consider a good SSD to be the fine finising touch to a computer - something to go with when I already have the best parts I can for performance (gaming wise). The SSD is a nice bonus improving load times for games and anything else you have on it, but the choice between an SSD or a better GPU (in your case) or a better CPU (not in your case as the i5 750 is awesome) then the SSD is the first to go
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