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Okay, so I might be upgrading my motherboard/CPU soon. I'm looking for a gaming CPU, it doesn't need to be the best top of the line processor but I would like one that could perform well for years to come. Now I prefer AMD over Intel due to various reasons the main one being I've had a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+(Windsor? if I'm not mistaken) for a while now and it's never done me wrong.

Alright so as for price range Mobo and CPU I really don't want to go above $500.

I know I'll need new RAM a new PSU, GPU and mostly everything else but right now I would rather just focus on a Good mid-high range Gaming CPU with mobo preferably AMD(I will be glad to take Intel suggestions because all help/suggestions are very much appreciated.).

So any help, suggestions, tips and whatever else will be welcomed and appreciated.

Great Thanks.
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  1. i5-750 is a good gaming processor, but if you want to stick with amd i'd recommend the AMD Phenom II X4 955
  2. Thanks jefe, I've read a bit about the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition is it too a good option for me or is it not worth the extra money? and does the i5 750 out perform the phenom ii x4 955?
  3. i5 750 outperforms the 955 in most areas

    965 is also a good choice
  4. For AMD i would also say AMD X4 965.

    For Intel i7 870 or i7 930 or i5 950. Depends on what's your budget is. For gaming certainly Intel in on top right now. Their processors thump AMD in most benchmarks.

    Me waiting for bulldozer!!
  5. I think if you go Intel the i5 760 is the only 1 worth getting, anything more expensive doesn't give much performance gain and anything cheaper AMD are better value as are the motherboards. The i5 ids better than the 965 butn it does cost a bit more and you get so much more for your money on an AMD board even on a cheap one.
  6. Why don't you post your entire system? perhaps a graphics upgrade would do you more good...
  7. Thanks everyone for replying, Herr_Koos that really is the article for me :).
  8. Pleasure's all mine. ;-)
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