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I just recently bought a new laptop (Ideapad Y580) and am looking to upgrade the HDD to a SSD. So I went out researched and found the Samsung 830 256 GB for a good $210 with the laptop kit.

So trying to figure out a few things so I don't screw up my SSD/anything really.
Can I use the COA windows license that came with my laptop to install it on the SSD?
What is the best way to do this? (I have installed just about 0 things on my laptop, only activated it)
What other things should I consider before installing the SSD?

I'm going to do some researching, but I figure the best way is to ask. I don't want to assume things and mess up things.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you actually have Microsoft Windows on a cd-rom disc and a Microsoft Windows product key? If you do, then you will probably be okay since you are only swapping drives and not the motherboard.

    A lot depends on the terms and conditions of use for your version of Microsoft Windows. Not all versions have the same terms and conditions.
  2. You can move your OS to SSD from HDD, but the way you do it depends on whether you have it preinstalled on HDD or you have dvd with os separately.

    If you have a DVD than no problem - just change the drive and install Windows on the SSD using activation number you have on the sticker.

    If you have the Windows preinstalled then you have 2 options.

    1) Move the recovery partition from hdd to ssd and finish the installation the way you would normally. It's not a good idea though, since keeping recovery partition on your ssd would just be a waste of space.

    2) If you have a DVD with the Windows version you have on your laptop, you can do the clean installation using the activation number from the sticker.

    As far as i know you should have no problem with installing windows on a different drive as long as it is still on the same laptop.

    I would highly recommend reading a few articles how to optimize Windows for an SSD.
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