Will an i3 530 with a gtx 260 core 216 cause Overheat in this case?

Hi all,

I am trying to decide what video card to upgrade this little Gem from Newegg with. My concerns are overheating as there is no liquid cooler. Both the GTX 260 core 216 and the GTX 470 will fit with no problem but will either excessively overheat the MOBO, RAM, and ... well, the room?

I got some excellent answers earliar today about both these cards being compatible with the system, but then I got to thinking about the possibiities of overheating. Do these cards come with software that would allow fan control on this system? and if so, do the fans need to be of a certain type for that software to work?

Thanks, Cog
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  1. well i dont think anything would overheatif you dont OC but do you have a strong enough powersupply?

    Edit: nevermind i saw it had a 700w powersupply so it should be enough, i think your fine :)
  2. You should be perfectly fine without adjusting fan speeds unless you wish to overclock things. Video cards tend to run at hotter temperatures than CPUs. So it will run hot by comparison, but they are designed to deal with the warmer temperatures.

    Although that's not the absolute best case in the world, you should be fine.
  3. BTW: Why are you considering between a GTX 260 and GTX 470? There's a substantial difference in them both performance wise, and price wise. It's a pretty good jump from one to the other. The GTX 470 obviously being the faster card, and it does tend to run pretty hot naturally.

    If heat is really a big concern for you, you could also consider the ATI 5770 or ATI 5850 as less expensive alternatives that run cooler, use less power, and perform about as well.
  4. Well, I was thinking in terms of 3 basic tiers ... the 220 i comes with, the 260 because I've heard SOOO many good things about it ... and to be honest the 470 because I thought it might be more future proof [?]

    The thing is basically; this rig is CHEAP and the i3 530 caught my attention w.r.t. the review done on this site recently showing the i3 530 holding up to the i7 860 and other tri and quad core provessors.

    This sale ends in an hoir ... perhaps with so many questions in my mind I should just bite the bullet and buy this machine:

    Only thing is there's not a whole lot of info out on the 6 core 1055T

    Any last minute thoughts? Should go for the gusto on the 6 core phenom with the gtx 470 or buy the Gem on sale for $589 and beef it up with a High-end Video card? Is this like putting Ferrari engine in a Pinto?? I've just been reading so many positive things about the i3 530 that I am torn if not utterly confused.
  5. The i3-530 is a great looking CPU. But it all depends on what you'll be gaming. A great example of things to come is Bad Company 2. This game is very CPU intensive, and thrives on Quad Core processors. So the i5-750 or i7-860 are better bets if you want to play that game. the AMD 1055T wouldn't hurt either.

    It all depends on what you want. The H55 and i3 series weren't designed for high end gaming in my opinion. But would give you a decent system for general gaming if you pair them with a GTX 260 or ATI 5770 (or higher). The GT220 isn't going to game, period. Nor will the integrated graphics.

    The GTX 470 is a beast of a card. It's $350 though, and runs pretty hot. If you're looking for "future proof" though, you want a Quad Core CPU that you can OC (i5-750 as a perfect example).
  6. The i3-530 would make a good budget gaming CPU though. :)
  7. That's what I'm thinkiing ... as far as 'future proofing' I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it just doesn't exhist ... What's new and hot today is Old Hat in 6 months to a year. Basically to keep relatively current it seems you have to be prepared to spend $1000 or so a year to upgrade, replace, or buy what's new on sale...

    there is no doubt in my mind that thee rig mentioned above with the AMD 6 core 1055T with the GTX 470 will be obsolete in 2012 .. so $800 - 1000 a year roughly to maintain / upgrade.

    I currently run only a laptop bought 1.5 years ago. At the time it was a so so laptop with core 2 duo running 1.67ghz ea and a 8600m gs. it actually plays orange box and games similar Very Well. I am just thinking of the tower to 'preserve the life' of the laptop and get into the more graphic intensive games. The 8600m gs has issues running Bioshock at high levels of course, and I would NOT even attempt to try anything more graphic intensive ..

    For those of you who are Old Time Gamers ... I recently got back into playing System Shock 2 which runs Flawlessly on this laptop ... playing that got me back into "gaming mode" and I am all to aware of my current limitations.
  8. Theres a i5 750 rig and a six core AMD rig both with a 5770, for a grand. I think those are better options. You will have to much money in to that dual core rig, replacing a video card, loses value. This gets you the aftermarket cooler, mide level dx 11 card, 6 core cpu.
  9. Yes I saw that one ... For some reason, I have it crystalized into a nugget in my brain that t he 5770 should be avoided ... perhaps I read a review some time ago where there were Major driver issues and blue screening ad-infinitum,, and grey bars everywhere, and yuck and yuck and more yuck [?]

    Is this crystalized nugget without merrit? And yes I know as soon as I say this I will uset someone, but I sort of am an nvidea fan ... I don't really don't have a lot to base this on except from what I have read ... and furthermore I really know nothing about "physx" or "cuda" or bloody ABBA ..


    Thanks everyone for chiming in today. I am still pouring over newegg ... the sale on the i3 530 ended ... no big deal; it was just a $50 rebate that probably would have never come, so I am still looking.

    the i5 750 was my first choice until the i3 530 came out. But now of course I'm leaning Heavily toward the i7 930 and currently have this in my 'shopping cart'

    [and adding a 470 to it]

    Do I sound confused? Good ... that's because I am ... I even took my meds!
  10. The AMD 1055T system with the ATI 5570 will outperform the i7-930 with GTS 250 (the 5770 will beat out the GTS 250).

    The 5570 is on par with the GTX 260 performance wise, and is actually a GREAT card over all. It will use less energy, run cooler, and net similar performance (while having DX11 ability).

    The AMD system also has a 1TB hard disk, where as the i7 system has a 500GB hard disk. However, because the i7 uses a 1366 mobo, it's 6GB of RAM instead of the 4GB in the AMD system. Realistically, 4GB+ is adequate for gaming by today's standards.

    The i7 system does have 3 PCI-E 16x slots, so you could add a 2nd or even 3rd video card in the future. However the AMD system only has only 1 PCI-E 16x.

    I'm an Intel fan right now for over all performance. But either of those systems would do well. Although the AMD system will win out simply because the ATI 5770 is the better GPU. And you'll have the 6 core CPU for future multi-threaded titles.
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    cognitoo said:

    the i5 750 was my first choice until the i3 530 came out. But now of course I'm leaning Heavily toward the i7 930 and currently have this in my 'shopping cart'

    [and adding a 470 to it]

    Do I sound confused? Good ... that's because I am ... I even took my meds!

    If you're considering adding a GTX 470 to either system, I'd go for the i7-930 system personally. Quad Core vs 6 core isn't going to make much difference. Plus, the i7 also had Hyperthreading, so it can act like 8 cores with the right software. Plus, you'll have 6GB of RAM in that system vs 4GB, and ability to add a second video card later on. Only draw back is a 500GB hard disk instead of 1TB. :) But that only matters if you fill it with shtuff.
  12. You could just go to the cyberpower website and customize a computer though that.
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