Last part, which of these two PSU

down to the wire....tomorrow is order day :)

OCZ OCZ550FTY Fatal1ty Series 550W Power Supply $65


OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W ATX12V V2.2 $60

Price is not the issue, they are about the same. After reading reviews and help here, for the money these two seem to fit best. The system is a 930, w/ 1 hd, 5770, 1 cd/dvd, 6gb ram, with minimal OC (for now)

At most I will add a second HD (maybe) and step up the OC a bit

In a year or so may crossfire, but by I would be willing to get a new PSU if necessary.

These two are close, and don't really understand the sense behind offering both from one company, but I do need to make a choice ... is one quieter? more stable? cools better? Thank you.
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  1. if maybe in a year your gonna add another graphics card you might as well get a 850 w psu now
    and anyway 580w is reccommended for that setup
  2. Even CF 5770 would run fine on a good 550-600 watt. I'm not familiar with those two in particular, but what I would recommend is this one:

    I know it's a bit more expensive, but IMO it's worth it, and it would easily handle CF later if you wanted it to.
  3. OCZ is not on my short list of quality psu's. It is false economy to skimp on quality, and my impression is that OCZ psu quality is spotty.
    I think there are better quality units available from Corsair, Antec, XFX, Seasonic.

    A good PSU is actually one of the most future proof pc components you can buy.
    I think I would get a good 650w unit up front.
  4. From your other topic on the same question:

    Check Henry Chinaski's recommendations.
  5. The problem that I have with OCZ is that they have 4 different PSU lines and I just can't remember which is supposed to be the best one (I'm old - the Beatles wrote a song about me :) ).

    I vote for the Corsair 650TX.
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