Will it fit?

I'm wanting to upgrade from the integrated card my PC came with to something better and I'm wonder if the XFX HD 5770 would fit in my Dell Inspiron 546s which is a slimline PC which is about 4 inches wide. I don't care if I have to leave the side panel off, I'm just worried about the bracket getting in the way.

Here is the graphics card,

And here is my computer

And if it won't fit, even with the side panel off. Does anyone know what the closest thing I could fit in my computer would be?
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  1. you need a low profile card to fit it in that case, or a new case (and probably PSU since it is slim line it doesn't use ATX PSU's)
  2. How big of a difference is a low profile card versus the XFX HD 5770.

    The integrated card my computer came with is an ATI Radeon HD 3200 with 256mb vram and 4.0 shaders and I want something far superior to that.
  3. very different, the low profile cards are about half height compared to normal cards
  4. Actually I was talking about how different is their performance.

    I don't want to play anything like Crysis but I do have UT3 and with my current integrated card it only plays on the lower resolutions and even then it doesn't play very well.

    I was more or less wondering how well a low profile card could play a game like that.
  5. depends on what low profile card

    i think the best ones are the Nvidia 9600GT or the Radeon 5570
  6. I've checked my computers watts and my PSU should be good enough for that Radeon 5570. That's probably what I'll end up getting, thanks.
  7. no problem, just don't expect everything on high
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