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Hey, was wondering because on my new build I am getting a 256GB SSD and a 1TB internal HDD and I've already got an external 1TB HDD. I want to be able to use the speed which the SSD offers by installing my OS and games onto it i think and but then my computer to use the HDD to save everything else by default. From what I understand all the default folders and libraries are installed onto the OS storage device as well as updates and stuff and the only other way I could access the files on the hard drive is to go the my PC ect ect and even if I saved everything onto it manually there will always be some non-app or file things like updates and ect which would be defaultly saved onto my SSD and eventually over time it would get pretty full. Is there a way to make the HDD my primary storage device where my libraries and folders and stuff are and everything is saved on there defaultly as if I was only using that harddrive. Sorry for my bad wording I found it hard to explain.
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  1. how are you saving files.

    Files do not magically show up on your computer.

    Whatever programs you are using have preferences where you can adjust where files are saved.

    There usually are 2 big areas of concern:
    For Windows, you can search on "changing windows User directory", this is for default stuff for the "windows" user setup, like your desktop.

    If you are worried about steam and steam games, Search on "mklink steam" to learn how to move your games around.

    Otherwise, it's up to you as the user of the computer to manage where you are saving things.

    Since you got a 256 gb ssd, you do not need to micromanage every file. If some extra stuff here or there is on the SSD it's not a big deal.

    Typically, games, movies, music will be the big things that eat up your space. The things you were worried about such as updates will not consume all your space.
  2. The thing that is dont like about this is having to do everything manually but if i gotta I will, thanks
  3. Here's what I did. I was using a good old mechanical hard drive when I upgraded to my SSD. I installed the SSD as the primary drive to boot from. Look in the BIOS for boot priority. Installed Windows 7 on the SSD. Reinstalled the mechanical drive which still had all my files and heck, even the Windows install was still there. You can right-click on the Documents, Music, Pictures, etc Library folder/button thing and choose properties. Then point it back to the mechanical drive. For me it is D:\users\username\(insert type of folder here). This works nicely for me and I've had little issues other than the occasional program that may try to put something in the user folder on the C drive. I've been running this way for almost 2 years. Too busy to reformat the mechanical and recopy the files over. My old SSD still running plenty quick.

    You can even install programs/games to the mechanical if you want. Just choose that directory. Not sure on Windows updates, but you should be fine installing to the C drive. I'm using a 128GB and install almost everything to it. Space is tight, but you are getting a much bigger drive. Just save all those big files such as the music/porno collection to the mechanical and point your library to the mechanical folder and you are good.
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