Recover data from a HDD

I accidentaly had two hard drives plugged in while redoing windows 7

I deleted the partition, formatted, and installed windows 7 onto the wrong drive

Is there any way I can get any data back that hasn't been overwritten by the windows install?

If so, what do you recommend?
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  1. I would unhook the drive that you accidentally erased, and get windows installed on the other drive. Then install recuva on this drive. Hook up the drive that you accidentally erased, and run recuva on it to see what it can recover if anything.

    I have no idea what Transend is talking about, seems like it was cut/paste from somewhere or its just a bot.
  2. Use any good data recovery software such as Get Data Back (NTFS version) and install their free demo version. If it works, then buy it for a reasonable sum. For more information on DIY data recovery , this blog post might help

    Good Luck!
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