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Homebuilt - slow loading, even with web games

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August 16, 2010 6:11:32 AM

Hi everyone, just wanna start off with my specs:

Case: Antec 300 Illusion
Mobo: MSI 790x-G45
CPU: Phenom 945
GPU: Sapphire 4850 1GB
PSU: 650w

I like the occasional facebook games or other web games but have noticed lately that the pages load very slowly. It didn't use to be that way. Actually the first 2 weeks after I built it, everything was loading so fast that I added more games to play on facebook. Now, I don't even wanna login to do anything. I'm wondering what could it be? I've seen posts about assigning just one core to specifically take care of the game for people who uses quad-core. I didn't have to do it when I first started so I don't see how that could be the problem.

My hdd space is still pretty large, local C has 152gb free, additional drive has 355gb free: out of 500gb on both. I run the Auglogics boostspeed everyday because I don't want even a slight lag at all. My gpu should be able to handle the graphics well since I have no problem playing Batman Arkham Asylum.
It's just driving me nuts trying to figure out what could be the problem. If it comes down to internet connection, I run speedtest and get at least 10mbps for download. To test and try it out, I have nothing else on, just chrome and running say Cafe World and it's still slow.

I've ran out of ideas as of now. I'm using win 7 btw, if that makes any difference. Let me know what you think. I'm frustrated. :pfff: 

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August 16, 2010 6:55:32 AM

Hello, Do you run Anti-Virus software? Run a system scan with Malwarebytes, maybe in safe mode if you want. That should rule out malware which is a likely cause...or maybe theres nothing wrong, however considering you took the time to post it must be pretty bad.

"Now, I don't even wanna login to do anything."
Is that really a bad thing. =]

Hope that helps.
August 16, 2010 7:40:02 AM

What Internet browser are you using?

What is the local cache size set to for that Internet Browser?

ie: Tools, Options, Advanced, Network (tab), Use up to: ### ; MB space for the cache.

Internet Explorer has a horrible cache, over a few days it can grow to thousands of objects, it has to be limited to 64MB to 256MB to perform 'well'.

Mozilla Firefox has a better cache system that requires less file-system objects and it can work well with 128MB to 1024MB (ideally around 512MB though).

It is possible that your browser cache has grown so large that the number of objects requires more overhead than the benefit of storing them locally. This is especially likely since you have a rather fast 10mbps Internet connection and use Facebook and Flash based webgames.

1: You're connection is quick, so you can download more to the cache faster (to a point).

2: You admit to using "the occasional facebook games or other web games".

3: "It didn't use to be that way. Actually the first 2 weeks after I built it, everything was loading so fast..."

4: "that I added more games to play on facebook" (This was a mistake).

5: Both your HDD's are 500GB, so the default cache size for any browser is going to be quite large, having tens of thousands of small objects is worse than having thousands or even hundreds (Mozilla Firefox) of medium sized objects.

If you're not running Mozilla Firefox now is probably time to make the switch: --- Then click 'Firefox' and it should automatically detect your locale. (American English, British English, and so on).

PS: It's only 8MB.

Otherwise try this Google search, noting the version is 8 and the placement of the quotes. (You might need to change it to ...7" or ...6").

Bearing in mind that 256MB is enough for 16,384 objects of 16kb (average) size each, which takes to much effort to use effectively as a cache on a high speed Internet connection. (And when the PC was only 2 weeks old it would have only had hundreds of file-system objects to manage in this cache).

Hopefully Internet Explorer 9 (seriously, the same company invented SmartDrive) will fix this long standing issue with Internet Explorer.

There's also been a lot of malware and the like of late, so you might want to try SpyBot S&D: ; it is donationware and run by a very large group of IT minded people who are just sick of all the malware on the Internet. --- You do not need to donate a cent if you do not want to though.

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August 16, 2010 8:34:27 AM

I don't use IE. I use Chrome for web games and Firefox for everything else.

I haven't ran a malware test but will be running it before I shut down for the night.

As I've mentioned in my post, I run the boostspeed when I first turn on the computer (that includes pretty much everything: defrag, check up and disk cleaner - among other things) and do it again before I shut down. I do it several times between turning on and off. I am almost obsessed with keeping the cache, data and cookies to a minimal. I believe I have the Chrome set at 50mb space for cache.

I haven't really been downloading any files which is why I rule out the virus/malware test but I'll run the test anyway since these things are hard to tell sometimes. Other than the lag on the web games, everything else is fine though.. like loading the pages here, newegg..etc, you name it.. just on those games. :heink: 
I'm gonna try other web games just out of curiousity like maybe and I'll see. Perhaps it's just the amount of traffic on facebook.
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August 16, 2010 8:53:41 AM

If your such a clean freak you might want to run the registry cleaner in CCleaner if you don't already.

If you haven't been downloading much and going to dodgy sites then the chance of getting malware in this small period of time is low. Still a scan should be done, preferably in safe mode. I encourage you to use Malwarebytes as I believe it is the best, the other poster did not debunk it yet still posted a different program, geez a way to confuse.

"Perhaps it's just the amount of traffic on facebook. "
I figured this however if this is over a long period of time then it is either unlikely or Facebook is slack.

Best solution

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August 16, 2010 4:27:23 PM

What changed? If you once ran well, then your system is fine, and something has changed to alter it. I suspect that some program you (or spyware) loaded is taking resources.

1) Start up the task manager performance monitor, and look at the list of running processes. See if there is anything that looks like it does not belong.
Look for anything that is taking lots of cpu, diski/o, or ram. Is there some software that is active only to check for updates?
2) How much ram do you have? Windows-7 likes lots of ram. 4gb should be a minimum.
3) Why two different browsers? Try using just one.
4) Does the SMART data on your hard drive show all green? Is there possibly some error recovery going on?
5) The os is smarter about dispatching cores than you are. It is not good advice to ry to dedicate cores to tasks.
6) What antivirus do you use? Some are very heavy. Microsoft security essentials is free, small, effective, and very unobtrusive.
7) Web activity will triggger lots of small disk I/O's. Using a small SSD for the os can be magical. How much space does your C drive use?
8) You should not have to run any "boost" programs.
August 16, 2010 5:46:26 PM

Yes, I already did registry cleaning several times.

I'm trying to figure out what changed too.

1) Task manager: nothing on there that doesn't belong and as of right now posting this, nothing is taking up lots of cpu - highest is firefox right now coz I'm on it and it's back and forth between 3 and 4.
2) RAM: I've got 4gb. ddr3 1600
3) I mainly use Firefox. I use Chrome to play web games coz it loads a little faster than firefox but Firefox has better plugins with other sites.
4) I don't see any recovery going on but I'll run the test when I'm done posting here.
5) I understand, that's why I didn't dedicate a specific core to do a certain tasks. It came up on the article I was reading about the game.
6) I don't have an antivirus installed in this new one. Not that I don't see a need to, just haven't gotten very good results with any. I don't go on suspicious sites or download anything off any private sites so I'm leaving that blank for now.
7) I've read that about using SSDs for OS. I have to hold on my spending right now coz I just bought a few more parts to build one for my younger brother. Now, if I were to get a SSD, I would have to clone the drive right? Since I've already got the OS installed?
8) Well, it's not just a boost program, it's just the name of it but it has everything in it: registry cleaner, disk cleaner, defrag..etc.

I haven't tried playing anything yet today. I don't know if this will make any difference but I run core temp, speedfan & hwmonitor while I was playing.
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August 16, 2010 8:00:12 PM

I would suggest that you install microsoft security essentials asap.

The windows firewall(which I hope is active) can only do so much. There are random spying searches going on constantly, looking for vulnerable PC's. You may be getting several hits per minute. Once they know there is a real pc at that address, they may be trying to find a way in. MSE has warned me away from some web sites that I had never given a second thought about.

Go to control program/programs and features and sort the list by installed date. See what was installed around the time the problem started.

You can convert to a SSD by cloning. I used acronis true image which may be included in some SSD packages.

I really doubt that there is anything wrong with your hardware. Would a reinstall of the OS be painful?
August 17, 2010 3:21:25 AM

I can do a clean install, that's no biggie. I don't have too much on the computer, I have an external 1TB to put it into.
Or perhaps System Restore to the very beginning again.

Thanks for your help. I'll install MSE when I do a clean install.
August 17, 2010 3:22:21 AM

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