Is Temp Monitoring Dangerous?

I'm paranoid about temperatures. I built a new gaming PC and have been using a few programs to monitor the temperature of my CPU and GPU.

I don't run them at the same time but I use EVGA Precision, CPUID HWMonitor (favorite), and CoreTemp.

My Graphics running 39-40C idle. Never goes above 63C full load which is awesome. My CPU running very cool. 28-33C Idle. Never goes above 45C full load which is awesome; but I'm constantly monitoring the temperatures out of paranoia.

I'm worried running the monitors themselves may harm something.

This is the first computer I have ever built so I'm fairly paranoid about everything. haha :(

Will running any one of these in the background hurt my Computer in any way?

PC Specs:
4Gb DDR3 PCI1600 Dual Ram (Corsair Gamer Edition)
AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
ATI Radeon 5770 (Quad Core, DX11, 1200MHz Memory, 850MHz GPU)
Asus M4A785T-M/CSM
CoolerMaster V8 1800RPM OC CPU Fan

Thanks all.
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  1. The monitors cannot harm anything, the temperature monitoring hardware is built into your CPU and motherboard, its reading off the temps at all times, the software just collects the data and lets you view it.

    Since you are so paranoid about your temps, run furmark and prime95 for a couple hours, they are the worst case scenarios for your GPU and CPU and will make them generate the most amount of heat. After two hours you will have hit the hottest they would get even under extreme load, if they stay within safe ranges after two hours of torture you have no need to worry.
  2. I don't think the "Torture Test" would help with my anxiety...

    However, knowing that monitoring my temps with CPUID and others programs does bring me a lot of comfort.

    Thank you very much sir. =)
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