High-Pitch (Whine) from my GTS 250 grapihcs card

Hi guys,

I have been reading these forums to try and find a solution to my problem but havent found one yet. Here is the problem and any suggestions or help is appreciated:

I bought a new video card (Nvidia GTS 250) 1gb BFG. Ever since I installed it the card makes a high pitched whining noise the entire time the computer is on. The noise is constant and does not slow does or speed up depending on what my card is running. It is just a constant humming high-pitch whine noise.

I read some other threads and people talked about capacitors and the card being underpowered. The card has the proper power (I've tried it on two different power supplies) and it still makes the hum.

Any ideas fellas?

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  1. I'd think it'd be a faulty card, if it works fine on both PSUs, and is not related to how hard the GPU is working.
  2. Yea it sounds like a capacitor vibrating. Happens some times. I would send the card back for a replacement if I was you.

  3. RMA your card to get a replacement...
  4. Capacitors don't vibrate, this is a classic case of coil squeal. You have two good options on how to deal with this problem. One you can RMA for a replacement. Second you can try to cool the choke coils on the VRM which I have done my self on multiple cards like my 8800gtx or my x1900xt.
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