LE-1660 upgrade to..?

I currently have the AMD Athlon LE-1660 processor. I want to upgrade - I try to run Sony Vegas and my project keeps freezing. What do you recommend I should upgrade to?

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  1. You should specify what motherboard (brand+model) you have for us to know.
    Is it a custom build or a name brand computer with that single core CPU?
    If you know the motherboard again people here will be able to possibly help you out.
  2. Thats a single core Athlon 64 AM2, so you do have options for upgrades, but we need the motherboard model?
  3. You can probably place an Athlon X2 into that board, but without the model number we can't say for sure.
  4. Yeah if it's a AM2+ motherboard (likely) the OP could possibly upgrade to 2,3,4 core AM3 Athlon II's or Phenom II's or even a 6 core Phenom II with a possible BIOS update.Again that's just a possibility.Some retailers online still sell the older Athlon X2's,Phenom X3,X4's too if you have an older board with no new BIOS CPU updates available.
    That 65nm CPU was released in 2008
    It is possible that he could have the older AM2 motherboard as well but since the CPU likely was released in the midst of 2008 an AM2+ type motherboard would be the more likely possibility.
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