ICC Profiles and Graphics Cards

Can graphics cards hold full ICC profiles, or just RGB Gamma Curves (vcgt tag)?

The question relates to monitor calibration using LUTs as I'm working on adding Graphic Card calibration to the Light Illusion LUT software (used in the film and tv industry - www.lightillusion.com)


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  1. icc profiles are in the OS not the hardware
  2. That's what I though - I know vcgt can be held in the graphics cards, and that applications/OS can use ICC profiles. Was hoping newer graphics cards could also hold ICC profiles - or by preferenc full 3D LUTs...
  3. So, what's the best program to load and change ICC profiles in the OS for windows?
    I do have Logo Calibration Loader as I use X-Rite stuff, but what I really want is something that will let me chose what ICC to load on start-up (pre select before closing I guess really) as well as change the profile manually...

    The ICC profiles will be made off-line converted from 3D LUTs.

    Any ideas?
  4. what os are you running
  5. Windows and Mac...
  6. well windows 7 has a color management option under the control panel, i think vista had it as well but I'm not positive. on older versions of windows adobe had a freeware tool to set profiles, I probably still have it somewhere if you need it.

    mac i know has the option to set color profiles built in, but seeing as i don't use mac i have no idea where it is
  7. Problem is the windows software doesn't give the level of control I'm after, and the old Adobe software was more aimed at self calibration. Again, not what I'm after.

    Thanks for trying though.
  8. you can make your profile with Light Illusion or whatever app you like all you would be using windows for is to load the profile at start up

    What control are you trying to get, once you generate a profile there is nothing to do but wait 30 days until you have to do it again.
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