2x 2tb wd black nas case, not recognized! ;<


I got a fantec mr 35du3 nas case. (basicly connected to the pc with usb 3.0)
I added 2x 2TB WD Black into them, the nas case says it is compatible with 2x 2tb.
When I connect it to my PC in jbod, raid 0 or raid 1, in neither of these modes does my pc recognize these harddrives.
I went to manage computer, and drive managament, and it doesn't show up there.
Someone said that it isn't a nas case, but thats irrelevant to my question, it's connected trough USB 3.0 with my pc

Any other ideas?
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  1. Brutisc,

    You're not the only one with these issues it seems. Also, it does matter what you have. If this is your product, below I'm cluless as to why it would not work (if it were plugged into your Router).

    I have the exact same setup, except a DLink Pure NAS with no USB ports and 2 x 2TB WD Cav Blacks in a RAID-1 Mirror for file backup. This is what I found on your model name.


    Oddly, there is another link with the same name: mr 35du3 nas case and it brings up a UTube video that spins around a pretty looking storage case, that looks exactly like the one above. ALMOST. It's USB Only.

    My router (a Netgear 900 or 4500 I think) has 2 x USB 3.0 plugins and claims if you plug in an HDD you can have a NAS and the other claims a Print server, not sure why one would need one these days, except perhaps for an Inkjet is my guess.

    Perhaps they work, perhaps they don't, (I like Netgear, but I wish they'd have placed 2 more...but I digress).

    For Network Attached Storage, I'm old style. I Love USB 3.0 for one drive in an enclosure, just not for NAS. I could be wrong, others may have a different opinion. I'm sorry I can't help you if it's the 3.0. If it's the NAS, with the USB as is the link I posted about, then I can suggest you remove it from the USB and attached it to your Network. Router. Good luck...

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