Which card is better

main question is which is better than other

ati hd 4200 vs nvidia 8400gs

i know about both card that they are very low profile card but i unable to compare

ati 4200
core clock-?
memory clock-?
bus bandwidth-?
and other ?

nvidia 8400gs
core clock-450
memory clock-333
bus bandwidth-64bit

so guys please help me to compare both card

this only informative purpose bcz i research about gpu

bad english i am trying to improve it
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  1. Just guessing, the 4200. It should be newer then the 8400GS, so its ability to decode video should be better. Both are not gaming cards, so don't use either for that.
  2. The HD4200 is ~ a Radeon x700, which is quite old. Though both cards are bad, the 8400GS is better.
  3. Gaming wise maybe. I don't they are the same core.
  4. Yeah, only for gaming really. Even then, I don't think that it's that much better.
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